Evo is a market leader in the development and implementation of library management solutions.

Our products include:

  • Return sorters
  • Library material bins
  • Bin unloading stations
  • Return chutes - internal and external
  • Standalone book drops - including indoor, outdoor and fire resistant enclosures
  • Automated ‘Bin Caddy’ materials handling and inventory robot
  • Security gates
  • Self-service kiosks

Evo Library Sorter

Evo Return Sorter is a system designed and manufactured in Australia with local libraries and a range of different budgets in mind.

It is a proven design that consistently processes item returns at rates of up to 1,200 items per hour, allowing the system to accept multiple returns simultaneously and improving the overall customer experience. The system uses several inclined conveyors which change speeds to achieve separation of items before sorting.

The unique delivery method of the Evo Return Sorter, combined with our Dynamic Levelling Bins (with automatic height adjustment) ensures a compact design that reduces the day-to-day impact on items during handling.

A compact and modular design guarantees:

  • It can be configured depending on the library’s need.
  • New modules can be added to increase item storage capacity as the library grows, making the initial system more affordable for smaller libraries.
  • Upgrades to the system can be accommodated at a later date.

Evo Return Sorter has two primary layouts that can be fully customised to suit the library return volume and storage capacity:

EVO Library Sorter
Evo Library Sorter

Dynamic Levelling Bin

Rechargeable storage bin with self-levelling base. Docks with Evo Return Sorter, Bin Unloader, Return Chute or use standalone.

Bin Unloading Station

Bin Unloading Station allows items that are returned and collected at remote points in the library to be easily wheeled to the returns sorting room and introduced into an Evo Library Material sorter with minimal staff labour.

The Bin Unloading Station lifts and tilts Evo Library Material Bins and sends a signal to the bins to raise their internal shelf to gradually empty the bins’ contents into the accumulation stage of the sorting system, from where the system simulates and sorts item autonomously.

Return Chute

Tecevo has been designing and manufacturing library material return chutes in Australia for over 10 years. We offer passive wind and rain blocking chutes, manually or remote lockable and also RFID enabled chutes, Tecevo is one of the only Library suppliers to have genuine experience with UHF, HF and LF Competing RFID technologies. Our RFID enabled chutes can either or both, depending on model, return items of a patrons record but also can be secure and only open in the presence of library items to discourage the chutes being used for waste disposal. As we design and fabricate our chutes in-house, contact us today with your unique requirements and we will make a chute to suit.

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