Evo Technology is a leading Australian product designer and manufacturer specialising in the design, production and product deployment. From initial concept through to overseeing production, and every stage in between, Evo offers complete product design and engineering service, with comprehensive in-house manufacturing capability to create commercially successful products.

With a global footprint, we offer 15-years’ experience in:

  • Special builds
  • Library automation market
  • Out-of-home advertising market
  • Interactive and physical advertising displays
  • Sculptures
  • Vending machines
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Evo manufacting warehouse.

Our focus is to build long-standing partnerships with all of our clients by designing and producing superior holistic products. We create human solutions to complex problems. We strive to challenge the norm and develop ground-breaking ideas and turn them into reality.

We export our products and expertise to international markets where our innovative products can make a positive impact.

We are very proud of our library sorting solutions, currently present in 27 library branches in Singapore and across Australia and New Zealand.
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We have clients based throughout Asia and Australia from large corporations to smaller start-ups. Our commitment is always the same. We want an extraordinary, innovative and holistic product for our clients to succeed.

We continue to push the boundaries and are committed to creating and using the latest technologies in order to achieve this.

Our beginnings

Evo is a Newcastle-based design and manufacturing house that started at the grassroots level, with our directors envisioning and developing library automation solutions while completing their engineering degrees at the University of Newcastle. Having founded Evo (then trading as Tecevo) in 2005, we turned this innovative business into a reality and continued to refine concepts to meet client’s requirements.

Evo Technology has continued to expand out into various other industries partnering with technology-minded customers.

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